It’s been two years since the inception of SoulPierce. In that time, very little has happened. After writing the FAQ and posting a few articles on the blog, the site went dormant. After nearly two years though, SoulPierce is blossoming once again.

I still don’t know how SoulPierce is going to take shape, or what it’s even suppose to be. For now I stick with what I wrote in the FAQ, with one minor change. I wrote, “SoulPierce is an effort by lay Catholics to encourage and partake in the Life of God.” I’m removing the word “lay” because I don’t want exclude the clergy from…whatever this is.

We have also launched the Podcast. My goal is to release one episode every two weeks, but depending on Life, the Universe, Everything, and God; We might release episodes more or less frequently than intended. I’ll also start posting to the blog again, hopefully including a series of guest writers if they’re useful unto Divinization.

While the site has been quiet, my own life has been anything but. I’ve moved twice since my last update and am now living in the Archdiocese of Chicago’s House of Discernment. This is also where we record the Podcast. As of now, SoulPierce is only an online effort, but depending on the Holy Spirit and local interest, we might organize a few events or meetups somewhere in Chicago. There is a Spirit of renewal growing throughout this Archdiocese and God willing, SoulPierce will be a part of it.

In Christ,